How to Reverse-Sear a Santa Maria Tri Tip

May 14, 2017 0 Comments

Today’s recipe will show you how to Reverse-Sear a Santa Maria Trip Tip steak. We will start using indirect heat, then when the Tri Tip reaches 119 to 120 degrees F, we will heat the grill to 500 degrees F and quickly sear each side of the tri tip.

• 1 Tri Tip
• Oakridge BBQ Santa Maria Seasoning

Recipe Instructions

1. Season the Tri Tip with the Oakridge BBQ Santa Maria Seasoning. This seasoning includes Garlic, ground black pepper, sea salt, raw cane sugar, chiles (incl. paprika & chipotle), parsley, onion, and other spices.

2. Heat the Gourmet Guru Grill to 225 degrees F. Add the oak chunks. Add the plate setter. The initial part of the cook will be over indirect heat.

3. Place the Tri Tip on the grill.

4. When the Tri Tip reaches 1119-120 degrees F, remove the grill.

5. Heat the Gourmet Guru Grill to 500 degrees F.

6. Place the Tri Tip back on the grill and cook until the temperature reaches 125-130 degrees for medium rare.

7. Let rest for 10 to 15 minutes and slice the Tri Tip against the grain.


Disclosure: Gourmet Guru Grill provided courtesy of Gourmet Guru Grills. Any opinions about the grill are my own.

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