Christmas Hot Sauce Survival Gift Set

Armadillo Pepper


Our Christmas Hot Sauce Survival Gift Set includes 6 different hot sauces that are perfect for your Survivalist!

The Story of the Survivor

Every warrior, every survivor has to go through hell at some point to get to the other side. The hellacious events in front of the survivor do not deter him. He fights, he moves forward, he does whatever is necessary to stay alive.

As he makes his way through the jungle, the survivor will be faced with and overcome many different attackers. No matter which continent he treks, he may encounter poisonous vipers and the survivor will slay these vipers without fear. Although vipers are a scary encounter for most of us, the survivor finds a way to overcome these slithering creatures.

The survivor simply keeps pushing forward. Even the wild, somewhat elusive, goat-sucking Chupacabra that ranges from Puerto Rico to Maryland is no match for the true survivor. The survivor slays the Chupacabra and continues to push forward.

The survivor eats whatever he finds for subsistence. Things that will turn your stomach are eaten by the survivor so that he can continue to live and push forward through his mission. He may eat worms, birds, roots, spiders and even scorpions.

Although scorpions have some protein there are not many calories in a scorpion. The survivor continues to search for food eating anything to keep him alive. Even the green iguana is fair game for the true survivor.

So, you might ask yourself "why go through this hell"? "Is it really worth it to be a survivor"? Why continue if the path forward is littered with dangerous, wild beasts to slay and slimy, crawling, blood-sucking creatures to overcome just to survive? Why does this survivor do what he does to stay alive? WHY? WHY" WHY? The answer is really not that complicated. It hasn't changed since the day of the cave man.

Armadillo Pepper's Christmas Hot Sauce Survival Gift Set includes 6 hot sauces, 5 oz each. Each Christmas Hot Sauce Survival Gift includes the Story of the Survivor.

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