AR's Hot Southern Honey Peach Hot Sauce

AR's Hot Southern Honey


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AR's Hot Southern Honey Peach Hot Sauce combines AR’s clover and wildflower hot honeys with luscious Southern peaches and a zesty seasoning of ginger, turmeric, coriander and fresh Habanero peppers for that just-right burst of succulent Southern heat.

Little-known fact: Before peaches became synonymous with the Deep South and attained official fruit status in South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, Colonial horticulturalist George Minifee was growing crops of the fuzzy golden orbs on his Buckland Estate in Old Virginia. Now from the state’s culinary capital, RVA, comes a delicious new spicy peach sauce.

“I’m peach crazed–I like them grilled (with goat cheese), sliced (with yogurt), in cakes, cobblers and smoothies,” admits Ames Russell, creator of AR’s Hot Southern Honey, “and I love any and all foods drizzled with my hot honey. So, one day my wife said, ‘You’re such a freak for peaches and your spicy honey, why don’t you make a peach hot sauce?!’”

Luckily Ames always listens to his better half. And so, AR’s Hot Southern Honey all-natural Peach Hot Sauce was born—complex, peppery and unapologetically, well, peachy. Ames’s sauce is a cook’s and bartender’s best friend.

Both smoky and sweet, it’s an ideal summery accompaniment for grilling, adds pizzazz to salads and sandwiches, and plays exceptionally well with cheesecake and ice cream. Cocktail hour? Add a dash of dazzle with AR’s Peach Hot Sauce to your Bellini, mimosa or daiquiri.

5 FL oz.

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