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Gourmet Honey Gift Basket
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Amadillo Pepper's Premium Honey Gift Basket with 3 Honey Varietels includes organic Tupelo Honey, Tueplo Honey and Sourwood Honey. This gift has been designed specifically for the honey connoiseur.

  • Acacia Honey, 12 oz - Our premium Acacia Honey hails from the glorious Piedmont region of Northern Italy. The clean light vanilla taste is perfection on the palate. This single varietal gem is made from the delicate blossoms of the Acacia tree. One taste of this fine honey and you will be an Acacia lover forever! This is honey perfection.
  • Sourwood Honey, 12 oz - Savannah Bee's premium Sourwood Honey is rare and much sought after. Our Sourwood Honey is pure and raw.
  • Tupelo Honey, 16 oz - Tupelo honey is a very mild and smooth honey with a light golden-amber color. Tupelo has a complex floral taste and is the only honey that will not crystalize.

This gift with three rof the rarest and hard-to-find honeys comes packaged in a wicker gift basket.

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